Saturday, April 30, 2011

With Love From Russia

 Boris Kustodiyev, The Bolshevik, 1920

 Aleksander Rodchenko, On the balloon. Maneuvers of the Red army, 1924

 Georgy Bibikov, Balloon "Osoaviachim", 1935

 Victor Perelman, Workers correspondent, 1925

Anom., Izvestia newspaper’s correspondent Vladislav Mikosha at seeing-off expedition to North Pole, March 21, 1937 

 Anom., Leo Trotsky, 1920

 Isaak Brodsky, Lenin in Smolniy in 1917, 1930

Anom., Portrait of militiaman, 1931

K.A. Vjalov, Policeman, 1923

 Aleksander Rodchenko, Stepanova [his wife] with a cigarette, 1924

 Alexander Rodchenko, Lilia Brik in gauzy dress, 1924

Alexander Grinberg, Natasha, 1930s

Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov, Portrait of Helena Annenkova, the Artist's Wife, 1917

 Boris Kustodiyev, Russian Venus, 1925

 Kazimir Malevich, Portrait of Artist's Wife N.A. Malevich, 1933

 Vladimir Tatlin, Monument of the Communist International, 1920

 Konstantin Melnikov’s Soviet Pavilion at the Paris International Exhibition of Decorative Arts 1925 

Yakov Georgievich Chernikhov, Architectural Fantasies (1925-33)

 Yuri Pimenov, New Moscow, 1937
 Mark Markov-Grinberg, Change of symbols. Installation of a star on the Kremlin tower, 1935 

 Anom., Concert of Factory Sirens and Steam Whistles, early 1920s

Yuri Pimenov, Industrialization or Bust!, 1927

Arkadi Shayhet, Komsomolec at the steering wheel of paper-making machines. Balakhna 1931 

 Alexander Deyneka, Heroes of the first Five, 1936

Mark Markov-Grinberg, Famous miner Nikita Izotov, 1934 

 Margaret Bourke-White, Stalingrad 1931
Closeup portrait of Russian iron puddler w. glasses parked over his brow, at the "Red October" Rolling Mills.

Yevgeny Khaldei, Magnitogorsk 1949, Steel Workers

 Vladmir Tatlin, Self-Portrait, 1911

 Alexander Rodchenko, Potemkin Movie Poster, c. 1925

Yakov Nikolayevich Halip, On the guard. Baltic 1936

Alexei Pakhomov, Bathing of Red Army Sailors Plummeting from a Ship, 1933

 Dmitry Debabov, The “Krasin” ice-breaker in arctic ice, 1936 

Sergei Khvorostov, Arctic deep-water expedition into the high latitudes, 2007

 Sophia Tolstaya, Leo Tolstoy during illness with his daughter Tatyana. Gaspra 1902 

Mikhail Nesterov, Portrait of Lev Tolstoy, 1907

Mikhail Nesterov, Philosophers, 1917

 Miron Sherling, Fedor Chaliapin as the Miller (in the opera “Rusalka” by Dargomyzhsky), 1913 

Boris Kustodiyev, Portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin, 1921

Vasili Ulitin, The falme of Paris, 1932 

Alexandra Exter, Design for a Constructivist stage setting, c. 1920

Alexandr Deineka, Demonstration, 1928

 Yuri Annenkov, Portrait of Maxim Gorky, 1920

Anatol Petrytsky, European (for the ballet "RED POPPY"), 1927

Khrisanf Khersonsky, Portrait Vsevolod Meyerkhold, 1921

Anom., Dmitry Shostakovich, Vsevolod Meyerkhold, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexander Rodchenko during work above performance “The bug”, 1929

Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev, Portrait of the Producer Vsevolod Emilievich Meyerhold, 1916

George Petrusov, Caricature Portrait of Alexander Rodchenko, 1933/34
Alexander Rodchenko, Majakowski, 1920s

Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev, Portrait of the Composer Sergei Rakhmaninov, 1930

 Alexander Laktionov, Portrait of the Artist I. Brodsky, 1939

 Margaret Bourke-White, Moscow 1941
Locomotive named Stalin is studied by students at the Locomotive Laboratory of the Technical Institute as top instructors (L) wearing enameled red decorative pins, lecture on its mechanics.

Arkadij Šajchet: Express Train, 1940
 Le Transibérien
  Maks Al'pert, Wiktor Kalmikow in the Train to Magnitogorsk, 1930
  Frank Ward, Subway, Moscow

 George Lipskerov, Winged propagandists in collective farm, 1933 

Gustav Klucis's poster 'Young People - To The Aeroplanes' (1934)

Leonidov, Commissariat of Heavy Industry Moscow, 1934

George Petrusov, Airplane “Maxim Gorki”, 1934 

 Emmanuil Evzerihin, Tushino. Moscow 1936 

Alexander Deyneka, The knocked down ace, 1943

Viktor Rujkovich, Way to Pamir, 1957 

 Sergey Burasovsky, Geodesists among Arctic ice, 1986

 Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Death of a Comissary, 1920s

 Alexei Katseblin, Ski raid in Karelia, 1933

 Margaret Bourke-White, Moscow 1941
Russian kindergarten boys clad in miniature caps w. red stars, aiming toy rifles, barricaded behind classroom furniture, while playing war game.

 Dmitri Baltermants, Attack, 1941

 Max Alpert, Battalion commander, 1942 

 Alexander Deyneka, The defense of Sevastopol, 1942

Georgi Zelma, Tank (Rodina). Stalingrad, 1942

 Evgeni Khaldey, Victory banner over Reichstag. Berlin, 1945

 A. Lindorf, The Stalingraders in the Berlin tram, 1945 

Anatoli Egorov, The musical moment. Breslau 1945 

Evgeni Khaldey, Beaten standards. Parade of the Victory on the Red square. Moscow, June 25, 1945

 Dmitri Baltermants, Reciprocal Offering of Food - such is the Kashmir Custom of the Highest Hospitality, 1955 

Dmitri Baltermants, Nikita Sergeevich Chruschev in Bulgaria, c. 1960

 Solzhenitsyn returning from exile. Arrival to Ryazan, 1956

Emmanuil Evzerihin, New Hotel “Ukraine”. Moscow, 1957 

 Victor Akhlomov, Red Square. Moscow 1959 

Victor Akhlomov, Yuri Gagarin and Che Guevara. Moscow May 11, 1964

 Victor Akhlomov, Enrolment in the Pioneers. Moscow 1970 

Anom., Ruslan and “Teddy Boys”. Pub at Fontanka street, Leningrad 1984

Sergey Borisov, Le défilé, 1987 

 Pentti Sammallahti, Solovki, White Sea, 1992

Anom., Participants of meeting lasting many days. Grozny 1994

Blue noses, Revolution Continues, 2004