Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reinhold Nägele

Reinhold Nägele, Self-Portrait, 1930

Reinhold Nägele (1884-1972) was born in Murrhardt (near Stuttgart) as son of a decoration painter. After an apprenticeship with his father, Nägele studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Stuttgart. In 1907/08 his works were exhibited in Berlin at Paul Cassirer's gallery, winning him wider recognition.

 Reinhold Nägele, Baloon Voyage, 1930s

In 1923 Nägele was one of the founders of the Stuttgart Secession (later the New Secession Stuttgart), and its deputy director. During this time he became friends with the artist Paul Kälberer. In 1931 he joined with him the Association of Swabian Graphic Artists, which was officially dissolved in 1937 after the group had refused to exclude Nägele on grounds that his wife, Dr. Alice Nördlinger, was Jewish.

 Reinhold Nägele, Love Botany, 1923 (Glass Painting)

In 1939, Nägele emigrated with his wife (who was not allowed to practice as a doctor since 1933), via Paris to London and finally to New York. Only after the death of his wife, in 1963, Nägele returned to Germany. He died 1972 in Stuttgart.