Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mr. Myself

 Cuno Amiet, Self-portrait, 1899

 Charles Angrand, Self-portrait, 1892

 Amnon David Ar, Self-Portrait

 Antonin Artaud, Self-Portrait, 1947

 Leon Bakst, Self-Portrait as Vase, 1906

Hans Baldung (1485-1545), Self-portrait

 Balthus, Self-portrait, 1935

 Frédéric Bazille, Self-portrait, 1865

 Max Beckmann, Self-Portrait, 1917

 Emile Bernard, Self-portrait, 1888

 Robert Henderson Blyth, (Self-portrait as soldier in trenches). Sub-titled ʼExistence Precariousʼ, 1946

 Pierre Bonnard, Self-portrait, 1939

 Jan Bor, Self-Portrait, 1940

 Victor Brauner, Self-portrait, 1931

 Isaak Brodsky, Self-portrait with daughter, 1911

 Bernard Buffet, Self-Portrait, 1952

 Gustave Caillebotte, Self-portrait, 1892

 Umberto Boccioni, Self-Portrait, 1908

 Paul Cadmus,  Self Portrait, Mallorca, c. 1930

 Caravaggio, Self-Portrait, 1596

 Ramon Casas, Self-portrait, 1897

 Chagall, Self-portrait, 1914

 Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Self-Portrait, 1775

 Giorgio Di Chirico, Self-portrait, 1922

 Francesco Clemente, Self-Portrait as an Ailing Courier, 1990s

 Lovis Corinth, Self-portrait, 1896

 Gustave Courbet, Self-portrait, 1844

 Bruno Croatto, Self-Portrait, 1931

 Tivadar Csontváry, Self-Portrait, 1900

 Salvador Dali,  Soft self-portrait with grilled bacon, 1941

 Honoré Daumier, Self-Portrait, 1869

 Jacob Willemsz Delff (The Older), Self-Portrait with family, 1590

 Maurice Denis, Self-Portrait, 1889

 André Derain, Self-Portrait, 1939

 Otto Dix, Self-Portrait, 1914

 Kees van Dongen, Self-Portrait as Neptun, 1922

 Peter Drömmer, The Revolutionary [Self-Portrait], 1919

 Joseph Ducreux, Self-Portrait, 1783

 James Ensor, Self-portrait, 1889

 Hans Erni, Self-Portrait with Molecular Structure, 1946

 Philip Evergood, Self-Portrait ("We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on"), 1956

 Julian Fałat, Self-Portrait, 1910

 Conrad Felixmüller, Lovers in Dresden, 1927

 Eric Fischl, Self-Portrait, 1998

 Wilhelm Freddie, Self-Portræt, 1938

 Lucian Freud, Reflection with two children (self portrait)

 Tsuguhara Fujita, Self-Portrait, 1928

 Achille Funi, Autoritratto, 1924

 Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Self-portrait, 1894

 Paul Gaugin, Self-portrait, 1888

 Jean-Léon Gérôme, Self-portrait, c. 1880

 Richard Gerstl, Self portrait, nude, c. 1908

 Giovanni Giacometti, Autoritratto davanti a paesaggio invernale, 1899

 Barthel Gilles, Self-Portrait with Gas Mask, 1930

 Van Gogh, Self-portrait, 1887

 Arshile Gorky, The Artist and His Mother, c. 1926–36

 Goya, Self-portrait, c. 1790

 Walter Gramatté, Self-Portrait as Soldier (Detail), 1917

 George Grosz, Self-Portrait, 1928

 Johannes Grützke, Self-Portrait, 1999

 Erich Heckel, Self-Portrait, 1919

 Armand Henrion, Self Portrait, Clown with Monocle, c. 1920

 David Hockney, Model with Unfinished Self-Portrait, 1977

 Heinrich Hoerle,  Self-Portrait in Front of Trees and Chimneys, 1931

 Edward Hopper, Self-portrait, c. 1930

 William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), Self-portrait, n.d.

 Jörg Immendorff, Solo, 1988

 Walter Jacob, Self-Portrait as Transvestite, c. 1920

 Louis Janmot, Portrait de l'artiste, 1832

 Wladyslaw Jarocki, Self-Portrait on Ski, 1909

 Ray Johnson, Self-Portrait, 1995

 Nicholas Kalmakoff, Self Portrait as John the Baptist, 1921

 Dick Ket, Self-Portrait, 1932

 Martin Kippenberger, Self-Portrait, 1988

 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Self-portrait, 1914

 Paul Kirnig, Self-Portrait, 1923

 Oskar Kokoschka, Self-Portrait as a Warrior, 1909

 Frantisek Kupka, Self-Portrait, 1907

 Vilho Henrik Lampi, Self-Portrait, 1932

 Carl Larsson, Self-portrait, 1906

 Paul Albert Laurens, L'artiste et sa famille, 1923

 Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1757-1826), Self-Portrait

 Wyndham Lewis as a Tyro, 1921

 Jean-Etyienne Liotard, Self-Portrait, 1744

 René Magritte, Self-Portrait, 1936

 Jacek Malczewski, Self-Portrait, 1906

 Kazimir Malevich, Self-portrait, 1933

 Jan Mankes, Self-Portrait, 1911

 Hans von Marées, Double Portrait Marées [left] and Lenbach, 1863

Ilya Mashkov, Self-Portrait with Pyotr Konchalovsky, 1910 

 Henri Matisse, Self-portrait, 1918

 Ludwig Meidner, My Night Visage, 1913

 Joan Miro, Self-portrait, 1919

 László Moholy-Nagy, Self-Portrait, 1919

 Adolphe Mossa, Self-portrait, 1910s

 Otto Müller, Self-portrait, 1922

Edvard Munch, Self-portrait on the operating table, 1902 

 Reinhold Nägele, Self-Portrait, 1930

 Emil Nolde, Self-Portrait, 1917

 Felix Nussbaum, Self-Portrait with Jewish Identity Card, c. 1942

 Albert Oehlen, Self-Portrait with empty Hands, 1998

 Juan O'Gorman, Self-Portrait, 1950

 Edward Okuń, Self-Portrait, 1911

 Ubaldo Oppi, Artist and Model (Self-Portrait), 1920

 William Orpen, Self-Portrait,1910

  Max Pechstein, Self-Portrait, 1918

 Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Self-Portrait, c. 1750

 Herbert Ploberger, Self-Portrait, 1925

 Curt Querner, Self-Portrait, 1938

 Anton Räderscheidt, Painter with Model (Self-Portrait), 1928

 Odilon Redon, Self-portrait, 1880

Renoir, Self-portrait, 1910

 Gerhard Richter, Self-Portrait, 1996

 Diego Rivera, Self-portrait, 1907

 Mark Rothko, Self-portrait, 1936

 Henri Rousseau, Self-portrait, 1903

 Luigi Russolo, Self-Portrait, 1909

 Théo Van Rysselberghe, Self-portrait, 1924

 Alberto Savinio, Self Portrait in the Form of an Owl, c. 1930

 Christian Schad, Self-Portrait,1927

 Hugó Scheiber,  Self-portrait with Military Cap, 1917

 Egon Schiele, Self-Portrait, c. 1910

 Arnold Schönberg, Self-portrait, 1910

 Georg Scholz, Self-Portrait, 1926

 Lasar Segall, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Hugo Simberg, Self-Portrait, 1907

 Austin Osman Spare, Self as Hitler, 1936

 Léon Spilliaert, Self-portrait, c. 1910

 Joseph Stella, Self-Portrait, 1928

 Niklaus Stoecklin, Self-Portrait, 1918

 Franz von Stuck, Self-Portrait, 1905

Vladmir Tatlin, Self-portrait, 1911

 George Tooker, Self-Portrait, 1947

 Lajos Vajda, Self-portrait, 1935

 Félix Vallotton, Self-portrait, 1897

 Horace Vernet, Self-portrait, 1835

 Emilio Baz Viaud, Autorretrato del artista adolescente, 1935

 Maurice de Vlaminck, Self-portrait, n.d.

 Géza Vörös (1897-1957), Self-Portrait

 Edouard Vuillard, Self-portrait, 1890

 Rudolf Wacker, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1981

 Carel Willink, Self-Portrait, 1937

 Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Gert Heinrich Wollheim, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Andrew Wyeth, Self-Portrait, 1949

 Stanisław Wyspiański, Self-portrait, 1904

 Alexander Yakovlev, Pierrot & Arlecine (Self-Portrait), 1914

 Franciszek Zmurko, Self-Portrait, c. 1890

 Johann Zoffany, Self Portrait as David With Head of Goliath, 1756

 Antonio Zoran, Self-Portrait, 1997

 Anders Zorn, Self-portrait, 1915


  1. Kanoldt fehlt

  2. super great post. it's always fascinating to see how each artist chooses to represent themselves!

  3. Wow, what a huge amount of self-portraits! Such a wide variety. Very interesting post, I thank you.

  4. Great post as usual. I linked to this post from my blog

  5. and i shared it on my blog.

  6. Il manque, entre autres, l'auto-portrait nu d'Albrecht Dürer.
    L'auto-portrait de Van Gogh est en fait le portrait de son frère Téo a-t'on appris récemment...
    Mais merci pour ce beau florilège trés instructif..

    1. et un ou deux petits Cezanne, Matisse, Kahlo, Rembrandt, peut-être -- (quand même).. c'est sûr qu'on ne peut pas tout montrer, déjà l'échantillonnage est large et instructif

  7. Great... two things: 1) Reminds me of being a child in a very bourgeoise, non-arts family; there was never any art by women... so that, even though it was the desire of my very soul to be an artist, I didn't even start working seriously until I was 36 and disabled. What a waste... 2) You missed the best one -- I saw it years ago in a borrowed book about Egon Schiele, and have never seen it again -- a fantastic self portrait by a young Viennese painter friend of his who captured himself in the moment of a roar of rather maniacal laughter. The painter died young (by suicide, I believe) and I've never been able to find the painting again.
    Otherwise, a very good collection.