Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's have a drink

"Drinking liquor, I change to quiet another person. And then, this other person also wants a little bit of liquor." (Herschel von Ostropol, circa 1750)

Robert Doisneau, Paris 1950s

Brassaï, Paris 1930s

 Irving Penn, Cafe in Lima, 1949

Louis Faurer, 14th Street Horn and Hardart, New York City, 1947

Jim Jarmusch, Coffee and Cigarettes (Tom Waits and Iggy Pop), 2003

 Nan Goldin, Bea with the blue drink, O-Bar, West-Berlin, 1984

 Bill Burke

 Anom., Gay party in the "Eldorado", Berlin, 1926

 Weegee, New York, c. 1940

 Michel Fingesten, The Drinkers, 1919

 Robert Doisneau, Coco, Paris, 1952

 Graham Smith, The Commercial, Middlesbrough, UK 1986

 Harald Hauswald, East Berlin, c. 1985

 Anders Petersen, Café Lehmitz, Hamburg 1978

 Anders Petersen, Café Lehmitz, Hamburg 1978

 Brassai, Bijou, Paris 1930s

 Eve Arnold, Havana, Cuba 1954

 Antoine d’Agata, Mexico, 1998

 Nobuyoshi Araki

Michael Jang

 Dave Heath, Janine (Pommy Vega), 1959

 Nan Goldin, Kathleen at the Bowery Bar, N.Y.C. 1995

 Ed Van der Elsken

 Vincent van Gogh, Agostina Segatori Sitting in the Café du Tambourin, 1887

 Picasso, Absinthe Drinker, 1902

 Edward Hopper, Automat, 1927

 Raphael Soyer, Cafe Scene, 1946

 Jean Metzinger, Jeune femme pensive aux roses rouges, 1923

 Tsuguhara Foujita, In the Café, 1949

 Otto Dix, Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden, 1926

 Christian  Schad, Sonja, 1928

 Karl Hubbuch, Lissy im Cafe, 1930

 Otto Dix, Mieze, Abend im Café, 1923

 Brassai, Montparnasse, Paris 1933 

Louis Stettner, Paris, 1951

 Ernst Thoms, In der Kneipe, 1922

 Ferdinand Hodler, The Disappointed Soul, 1889

 Almada Negreiros, Portrait of Fernando Pessoa, 1954

 Jörg Immendorff, Solo, 1988

 Martin Kippenberger, Kellner des..., 1991

 André Kertész, Daisy Bar, Paris 1930

Bill Brandt, After the Celebration, London 1931

 Harald Hauswald, East Berlin, c. 1985

Günter Zint, Hamburg 1960s

 Kees van Dongen, Absinthe Drinker, 1902

 Degas, L'Absinthe, 1876

 Toulouse-Lautrec, Last Crumbs (A La Mie), n.d.

Jean Béraud, Untitled, c. 1890

 Constant Désiré Clety, Meeting in a Café, 1931

 Shalva Kikodze, Artists' coffee-house in Paris, 1920

  Jeanne Mammen, At Kranzler's, Berlin 1929

 Rudolf Schlichter, Damenkneipe (Ladies Dive), 1923

 Otto Dix, Self-Portrait, 1922

 Jeanne Mammen, In the Café, 1920s

 Walter Schnackenberg, Prominenz, 1957

A crowded liquor store in the Chicago Loop on Jan. 15, 1920, the day before Prohibition went into effect

Margaret Bourke-White, A haven for drinkers during prohibition, New York 1933

 Weegee, Bowery, New York, c. 1940 

 Edward Burra, The Taverna,  1924

 Paul Cadmus, Bar Italia, 1953

 James Warhola, Visitor's Night at Callahan's, 1995

 Charles Avery, MaGregors Bar, 2008

 Для приложения к газете "Газета"

Edvard Munch, The Day After, 1894


  1. great post! thanks so much for collecting so much amazing photography and artwork in one place!

  2. Incredible collection!!

    Bill Burke looks a little feminine for a Bill though.

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  4. absolutely stunning

  5. They are very evocative images, covering the fun and the celebration all the way down to the pain and the filth.

    But if I had to pick the ones I love the most, they would be:
    Gay party in the "Eldorado", Berlin, 1926 and
    Brassai, Montparnasse, Paris 1933. There was something about the tension of the inter-war years that jumps out of the screen.

  6. Proud to have a pic here from a pub called The Commercial in my home town of Middlesbrough in the North East of England.
    Some great pics and artwork here.