Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For Men Only

Walter Popp, Real, "Russia's School For Bedroom Spies" (1954)

Walter Popp, Men, "Last Man Standing Gets Annabelle Austin" (1959)

 Scott Pike, Climax, "The Deadly Strip" (1960)

 Gil Cohen, For Men Only, "All Night Nurse" (1967) 
Also used in Male as "Sin Date With A Sleep-Over Nurse"

 Mort Künstler, For Men Only (1959)

 Gil Cohen, Male, "Combat Hero Who Survived Korea's Worst Brainwashing (1963)

 Walter Popp, Male, "Italian Nudist Girls Who Knocked Out Germany's Underground Tank Depot" (1959)

 Walter Popp, For Men Only, "The American Prisoner In Russia's Female Convict Colony" (1960)

 Earl Norem, For Men Only, "I Fought Castro's Cutthroat Guerrilla Squad" (1970)

 Mort Künstler, Stag, "The Sergeant Who Decoyed The Nazis' Fraulein Werewoves" (1960)

 Norm Saunders, Adventures, "The Bad One" (1959)

 Norm Saunders, True Adventures, "Sea Kill" (1960)

 Walter Popp, Sportsman, "Give Me Back My Boy" (1955)

 John McDermott, Argosy, "The Big Fish Of Hurricane Pass" (1957)

 Earl Norem, Male, "Surf Pack Assassins" (1967)

 Walter Popp, Stag, "Last 10 Days In the Führer Private Underground Bunker" (1960)

 A-OK For Men, Howell Dodd, 1962
"The Führer gazed at her as if fascinated and leapt toward the huge Celestial Couch of Aryan Motherhood..."

 Mort Künstler, Male, "My Body Is My Fortune" (1964)

 Earl Norem, Male, Stag, "The Blonde Sex Machine" (1970)

 John McDermott, Argosy, "The Last Turning" (1952)

 Gil Cohen, For Men Only, "The Executioner" (1969)

 John McDermott, American Legion, "A Man From Kansas" (1949)


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