Sunday, January 9, 2011


Johann Heinrich Fuseli, The Mad Kate, 1806

 Richard Dadd, Sketch of an Idea for Crazy Jane, 1855

In 1843, having become convinced that his father was the Devil in disguise, Dadd killed him with a knife and fled for France. En route to Paris Dadd attempted to kill another tourist with a razor, but was overpowered and was arrested by the police. Dadd confessed to the killing of his father and was returned to England, where he was committed to the criminal department of Bethlem psychiatric hospital. In the hospital he was allowed to continue to paint and it was here that many of his masterpieces were created, including his most celebrated painting, The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke, which he worked on between 1855 and 1864.

 Carlos Schwabe, Study for «La vague», 1906

 Giacomo Balla, La pazza (The Mad Woman), 1905

 Gert Wollheim, The Mad Woman, 1924

 Otto Dix, Die Irrsinnige (The Mad Woman), 1925

 Maria Lassnig, Self-portrait with Cooking Pot, 1995

 Dr. Paul Richer. Études Cliniques sur la Grande Hystérie ou Hystéro-Épilepsie. Paris : Octave Doin, 1885

 E. Esquirol. Des Maladies Mentales, Atlas. Paris : J.B. Baillière, 1838

 E. Esquirol. Des Maladies Mentales, Atlas. Paris : J.B. Baillière, 1838

 Dr. Desiré Magloire Bourneville. Louise Lateau ou la Stigmatisée belge. Paris : n.p., 1875

  Pieter the Elder Bruegel, Cutting Out the Stone of Madness or an Operation on the Head, 1568

Pieter Huys, c. 1530-1581, Excising the Stone of Folly 

 Louis Finson, The Four Elements, 1611

 Hendrik Gerritsz Pot, Flora’s wagon of fools, 1637

Oskar Laske, Das Narrenschiff (Ship of Fools), 1923

 Goya, The Yard of a Madhouse, 1794

 Telemaco Signorini, The Mad House in Florence, 1865

 Robert Riggs, Psychopathic Ward, c. 1940

George Tooker, Ward, 1970

 William Blake, Satan, after a deisgn by Henry Fuseli, 1789

 Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1757-1826), Self-Portrait

 Odilon Redon (1840–1916), The Fool (Intuition)

 Giacomo Balla, Autosmorfia, 1900

 Jacek Malczewski, Self-Portrait, 1906

 Jaroslav Panuška, Expressive Head, c. 1900

 Léon Spilliaert, Self-Portrait, 1908

 Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait in Hell, 1903

 Egon Schiele, Self-Portrait, c. 1910

 Conrad Felixmüller, Soldat im Irrenhaus [Soldier in the Madhouse], 1918

 Albert Birkle, Schächer, 1921

 Peter Birkhäuser, Der Gespaltene (The Split One), 1953

 Rudolf Hausner, Gelber Narrenhut, 1955

 Francis Bacon, Self-Portrait, 1969

 James Ensor, Skeletons Fighting Over a Pickled Herring, 1891

 Jeanne Mammen, Der Narr am Galgen (The Fool at the Gallows), c. 1910

 Richard Müller, Laurel and Fool Cap, 1916

 Banksy, Insane Clown, 2001

 Joel Peter Witkin

 Andrew Wyeth, Moon Madness, 1982

René Magritte, Person Meditating on Madness, 1928