Monday, May 24, 2010

Magnus Zeller

Magnus Zeller, Loving Couple, 1919

Magnus Zeller (1888-1972) was an expressionistic painter and graphic artist. Between 1908 and 1911 he studied painting in Berlin under Lovis Corinth. During the First World War Zeller served in the German Army (1915-1918). In 1918 he participated in the revolutionary struggle of the Berlin Worker's and Soldier's Council.

Magnus Zeller, The Orator, 1920

Under the Nazi-Régime his works were banned as "entarted" (anti-arian) and he didn't get the necessary official permit to buy painting materials. Nevertheless, under risk of his life, Zeller secretly painted some anti-fascist works like this one:

Magnus Zeller, The Total State (Hitler's State), 1938

After the Second World War Zeller moved to East-Berlin where he participated in major exhibitions despite the fact that the communist authorities classified his work as "formalistic", i.e. not conforming to the official style of "Socialistic Realism". Magnus Zeller died 1972 in East-Berlin.


  1. Hi!! I'm writing an art research paper on Magnus Zeller's The Orator. I was just wondering where you found your information. I'm having a hard time finding sources to include in my paper.

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    2. How'd your paper go? Are there any good bios out there on Zeller that you recommend?