Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sexy Weimar (Part I)

Anom., Gay party in the "Eldorado", Berlin, 1926. The leftmost lady is the only woman in this picture.

 Anom., A Woman hiding Cocain, Berlin, 1925

 Atelier Manassé, Dangerous Passion, 1930s. Based on the married couple Olga Spolarics and Adorjan Wlássics, Atelier Manassé was active in Vienna between 1922 – 1938. 

Carlo Mense, In the Separée, c. 1930

 Rudolf Schlichter, Tingel-Tangel, 1919

 Walter Jacob, Self-Portrait as Transvestite, c. 1920

 F. W. Köbner, Mondaine und Demimondaine Skizzen, 1921

 Otto Dix, The Dancer Anita Berber, 1925

 Sebastian Droste (Husband of Anita Berber), 1923

 Tauentzien Street Team, Berlin, 1920s

 Anom., Berlin, 1920s

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  1. The last 3 pictures are scans from my flickr account.

    I recently made them private...