Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Legs, Legs, Legs

Erwin Blumenfeld, 1940s

 Leonor Fini, Les Initiales, 1936

 Jean Moral, Female Nude in Lingerie and Boots, 1930s

 Bad Snow White

James Gillray, Fashionable Contrasts, or The Duchess's little Shoe yielding to the Magnitude of the Duke's Foot, published by Hannah Humphrey in 1792 (Frederick, Duke of York (1763-1827) with Frederica, Princess of Prussia (1767-1820)

 Nina Leen, Tulsa, OK, 1947

 Dali, Cannibalism of the Objects, 1937
There is no more unfortunate creature under the sun than a fetishist who yearns for a woman's shoe and has to settle for the whole woman - Karl Kraus 

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 Dubossarsky & Vinogradov, The Start of the Heating Season, 2006

 Nina Leen, 1951
"Lieber ein häßlicher Fuß verziehen, als ein häßlicher Strumpf!" - Karl Kraus

Colette Calascione, Tickle, 2000 

"In a word, my dear, I am an amphibious creature: I love everything, everyone, whatever it is, it amuses me; I should like to combine every species . . ." (Marquis de Sade, Philosophy in the Bedroom, 1795)

 John A.S. Coutts, Holly Faram, 1930s

 Rene Magritte, The Red Model, 1937

"The problem of the shoes demonstrates how easily the most frightful things can be made to appear completely harmless through the power of thoughtlessness. Thanks to the 'modele rouge' (Red Model), one senses that the union of the human foot and a shoe is in fact based upon a monstrous custom." - René Magritte

 Atelier Manassé, Dangerous Passion, 1930s

 Franois Boucher, The Toilette, 1742

"Everybody allows that to make a shoe you must have learned and practised the craft of the shoemaker, though every man has a model in his own foot, and possesses in his hands the natural endowments for the operations required. For philosophy alone, it seems to be imagined, such study, care, and application are not in the least requisite. This comfortable view of what is required for a philosopher has recently received corroboration through the theory of immediate or intuitive knowledge." (Hegel, Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences (1830), Introduction §5)

 Shalva Kikodze, Artists' coffee-house in Paris, 1920

Ma belle, brise donc ce silence !
Regarde moi, je suis à tes pieds !
Jamais ta colère n'a été telle ! "
Comme l'époux parlait ains,
détournant ses yeux clos,
Elle laissa tomber des larmes abondantes,
Mais pas un mot.

Amaru, La Centurie. Poèmes amoureux, XXXIV.

 Gerda Wegener (1889-1940)

 Anom., A Woman hiding Cocain, Berlin, 1925

 Wilhelm Freddie, My Two Sisters, 1938

 Bill Brandt, Belgravia, 1951

 Martin Eder, The Performance, 2000s

  Paul-Émile Bécat (1885-1960)

 Dmitry Bulnigin, Tennis, 2007

 Juarez Machado, Arrivée, 1997

 Peter Stackpole, 1937
Professor Connie Fonzlau of the Gilbert School for Undressing demonstrating "How a Wife Should Not Undress"

 Karel Teige: "Collage Nr. 293", 1944

 Chas Krider, Dita: Night Stand, 1998

 Pierre Klossowski, L'Enlevement de Roberte

 Leo Fontan (1884-1965)

 Bernini, The Rape of Proserpina (Detail), 1622

 Georges Hugnet, La Vie amoureuse des Spumiferes, 1948

 Weimar Babe

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