Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shooting Myself

Man Ray, Self-Portrait with gun, 1930s

Ready for the shot !

 Andreas Feininger, The Photojournalist, 1955

 Otto Umbehr, The Roving Reporter, photomontage, 1926

 Philippe Halsman, Salvador Dalí, c. 1950

Che with Nikon S2

Josef Sudek, Self-Portrait, c. 1960

 Robert Doisneau, La petite Monique, Paris, 1934

 Leni Riefenstahl, Selfportrait with Leica camera, 1939

 Germaine Krull, Self-Portrait, ca 1930

 Ilse Bing, Self-Portrait in Mirrors, 1931

 Marianne Breslauer, Self-Portrait, c. 1930

 Lotte Jacobi, Self-Portrait, Berlin, 1929

  Inge Morath, Self-Portrait, Jerusalem 1958

 Ré Soupault, Self-Portrait, Tunis 1939

 Richard Avedon, Self-Portrait in later years, n.d.

 Judy Dater, Imogen Cunningham And Twinka At Yosemite, 1974

 Helmut Newton, Self-Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris,1981

 Ed van der Elsken, Self-Portrait with his wife, photographer Ata Kandó, Paris 1953

 In this undated image Irving Penn is shown at a photo shoot with a New Guinea mud man and a child.

  Anonymous, Alfred Stieglitz Photographing on a Bridge, c. 1905

 Willy Ruge, Arno Boettcher, 1927

 Margaret Bourke-White, Self Portrait, 1930s

 Dorothea Lange, Self-Portrait, c. 1935

 Photo Platform for a Graflex

 Ansel Adams, Self-Portrait, Monument Valley, Utah, 1958 

  Otto Dix, The Photographer Hugo Erfurth, 1925

Man Ray, Self-Portrait, 1966

 Brassai, Self-portrait in an Opium Den,1931

 Hans Bellmer, Self-Portrait with the Doll, 1934

 Herbert Bayer, Humanly impossible, 1932

 Heinz Hajek-Halke, Sexual Despair of the Prisoners (Self-Portrait), 1926

 Claude Cahun, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Rudolf Koppitz, In the Bosom of Nature (Self-Portrait), 1923

 George Hoyningen-Huene, Portrait of Horst P. Horst, 1931

 August Sander, Raoul Hausmann, 1920s

 Pierre Molinier, Self-Portrait: Travesti (with corset and nylons), 1969

 Paul Outerbridge, Self-Portrait, 1927

 Erwin Blumenfeld Masque (Self-Portrait), c. 1958

 Robert Mapplethorpe, Self-Portrait, 1985

 Joel Peter Witkin, Self-Portrait, n.d.

 Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1981

 Bruce Nauman, Self-Portrait as a Fountain , 1966

 Erich Salomon, self-portrait, c. 1930

 Erwin Blumenfeld, Autoportrait, 1932

 Henri Cartier-Bresson, Self-Portrait, n.d.

 Otto Umbehr, Self-Portrait, 1952

 Herbert List, Self-Portrait, c. 1935

 Maurice Tabard, Self-Portrait, 1936

 Umbo (Otto Umbehr), Self-Portrait, ca. 1930

 Andre Kertesz, Shadow Self Portrait, 1927

 Jaromir Funke, Glass Reflection, 1929

 Gyorgy Kepes, Self-Portrait, 1931

 Madame Yevonde, Self-Portrait, c. 1935

 Nan Goldin - Self-Portrait after suffering domestic abuse, 1978

 Cindy Sherman, Self-Portrait, 2008

Loretta Lux, Self-Portrait, 2007

Valie Export, Self-Portrait, 1968

 El Lissitzky, The Constructor, Self-portrait, c.1925

 George Petrusov, Caricature Portrait of Alexander Rodchenko, 1933/34

 Dmitri Debabov, Self-Portrait, 1930s

 Georgi Zelma, Petrusov and Shaikhet,1930s

 Georgii Zelma in Stalingrad, 1942

 O. Winston Link with his assistant Thom and his lightening equipment, c. 1940

 Willy Ronis, Self-portrait with flash, 1951

Weegee, Self-Portrait, 1940

 Raoul Hausmann's Postcard to I.K. Bonset, 1921

 John Heartfield, Self-Portrait with Police Commissioner, c. 1930 

 Erwin Blumenfeld, Self-portrait with a mask or Minotaur, 1936

 Gerda Taro, Robert Capa, Segovia Front, Spain 1937

 Anom., Gerda Taro at Brunete, 1937

 Albert Renger-Patzsch, Self-Portrait, 1928

 Martine Franck Henri Cartier-Bresson drawing his self-portrait, Paris, France, 1992

 Brassaï, Self-Portrait with camera, 1955

 Allen Ginsberg, Self-Portrait, 1985 

 Tina Modotti, Portrait of Edward Weston, 1923

Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, 1924

  Frieda Riess, Self-Portrait, 1922

 Madame d'Ora, Self-Portrait, c. 1925

 Ellen Auerbach, Ringl (Grete Stern) with Glasses, 1929

Grete Stern, Ellen & Walter Auerbach, c.1930

Willy Ronis, Autoportrait à système, ca 1955