Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All the Pretty Girls

Sally Mann

Mary Ellen Mark, Tiny, 1983  

Martine Franck

Sally Mann

Kamila Kulik  

Julie Blackmon

Jocelyn Lee
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Bill Brandt

Helen Levitt

August Sander, Untitled, 1922

Dorothea Lange

William Gedney, Young Girl. Kentucky, 1964

Shelby Lee Adams, Tammy with Catfish, 2003

Claire Beaugrand-Champagne

Mary Ellen Mark

Brassai - Children Playing In The Luxembourg Garden, 1930

August Sander

Nina Leen, Tulsa, OK, 1947

Somewhere in Moscow ...

Robert Doisneau, Three Girls in the Park, 1971

Alfred Eisenstaedt - Children Watching St. George Slay the Dragon at the Puppet Theater in the Tuileries, Paris, 1963

Ed van der Elsken

Loretta Lux

Loretta Lux

Julie Blackmon

Edith Maybin
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Achim Lippoth, Together #02, 2004  

Ruud van Empel 

Loretta Lux

Steve Schapiro, Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver"

Lauren Greenfield - Alli, Annie, Hannah, and Berit, all 13, Edina, Minnesota, 1998

Alec Soth - Priscilla, Los Angeles, (Girl with Skeleton), 2008

Achim Lippoth

Achim Lippoth, Rage Attack #02, 2005  

Zhang Peng, Goldfish, 2006

Start a Fire


  1. hard boiled, those next time females.
    I'm all scared...

  2. the girl with skeleton makes me laugh

  3. Who took the photo Start A Fire?