Thursday, February 10, 2011


Robert Demachy, Speed, Camera Work VII, 1904

 Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour, 1913

  Martin Munkacsi (1896-1963), n.d.

 Paul Strand, Wire Wheel, 1917

Anom., Tauentzien Street Team, Berlin 1920s

 Marianne Breslauer, Annemarie Schwarzenbach and her Mercedes Mannheim, Berlin 1932

 Brassai, Avenue de l’Observatoire, 1934

 André Steiner, 1935

 Man Ray, Voiture et deux hommes non identifiés, 1936

 Agustí Centelles, Guardias de asalto in Via Laietana, Barcelona. July 1936

 Stalin with ZIS 101, 1936-1939

 Dorothea Lange, August 1936. Drought refugees from Abilene, Texas, following the crops of California as migratory workers.

 Willy Ronis, Female workers during a strike at Citroen, 1930s

 1937: Members of the nascent United Auto Workers Union (UAW) during a sit-down strike in the General Motors Fisher Body Plant in Flint, Michigan

 John Gutmann, Mounted Cop Changing Tire for White Lady, Harlem, New York City, 1936

 John Gutmann , Elevator Garage, Chicago, 1936

 John Gutmann, The Soap Box Brothers, Georgia, 1937

Margaret Bourke-White, Louisville, KY, USA, 1937
Famous image of African American flood victims lined up to get food & clothing fr. Red Cross relief station

 Berenice Abbott, 42nd Street, 1938

 Salvador Dali: Taxi pluvieux - 1938 - Photo de Denise Bellon

 Weegee, Two Offenders in the Paddy Wagon, 1930s

 Weegee, Leaving at Midnight from Police Headquarters on My Strange Mission, 1940s

 Frank Scherschel, 1946
Delegates' cars driving through West Berlin to Allied Control Authority Building, for Berlin Foreign Ministers' Conference

 Ted Croner: Taxi, New York Night, 1947/48

 Alfred Eisenstaedt, Turin-Milano Autostrada, 1947

 Carl Mydans, Tsingtao, China, 1948

 René-Jacques (1908-2003), Usines Renault, vers 1950

 Ernst Haas, Utah, 1952

 Peter Keetman, Rear Fenders
Volkswagen Factory, Wolfsburg, 1953

 Thurston Hopkins, La Dolce Vita, 1953

 Inge Morath, Mayfair, Eveleigh Nash at Buckingham Palace Mall, London, 1953

 Clarence John Laughlin, The Imprisoned Landscape, 1954

 Ogle Winston, Hot Shot Eastbound at the Drive-In, Yeager, West Virginia, 1955

 Anom., Church and Abandoned Automobile, Tiburon, California, 1957

 Ralph Crane, Nikita S. Khruschevs' motorcade passing suburb development, LA 1959

  Alfred Hitchkock, Psycho, 1960

 Ralph Crane, Berlin Wall, 1963

 Charles Harbutt: Boys Smoking in Car, Reform School, New York, 1963

  Jean-Luc Godard, Week-End, 1968

 Paris 1968

  Martin Scorsese, Taxi Driver, 1976

 Arnold Odermatt, Stansstad, 1967

 Joachim Brohm, Ohio, 1983

Larry Towell, The Pear, 1983

 Harald Hauswald, East Berlin, late 1980s

 John Gutmann, Slogan Car with Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Rosa Luxemburg et al at the "Militant Forum" Bookstore, San Francisco, 1988

 Thomas Michael Alleman, Silverlake, September 2003

Daniel Stein, 2007


  1. Wow; stunning. I absolutely love the last image. So powerful in it's directness. The Church and Abandoned Automobile also catches my eye for it's illustrative qualities; I want to know why that car is there, it's relation to the church, etc. That angle also adds a vitality to the composition that I really dig.

    No idea where you find all of these, but thank you. Been exposed to so much great art because of this blog.


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  8. The Berenice Abbott pic of 42nd Street is from 1940, not '38, judging by "City for Conquest" and "London Can Take It" on the Times Square marquees.

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