Friday, February 18, 2011

Doggy Bag

Damian Loeb, Race Right By, 1996

 Daniel Richter, Halli Galli Polly, 2004

 Adolf Dietrich, A Gentleman, 1928

 Vladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov, Gentlemen, 2010

 Christoph Schmidberger, What controls you must not necessarily be a person, 2005

 Johannes Hüppi, Untitled, 2005

 Francis Picabia, Femmes au Bull-Dog, 1940

 Franz von Bayros: Der Toilettentisch - Tantalus, 1908

 Salvador Dalí, Dog on Cushion - The Archbishop, 1942

 Zeng Fanzhi, Dog Series, 2000s

 Boris Kustodiyev, Portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin, 1921

 Emile Munier (1840-1895)

 Alec Soth, Lenny, Minneapolis, 2002

 Otto Dix, Hugo Erfurth with Dog, 1926

 August Sander, Lawyer, c. 1925

 Andriy Halashyn, War Dogs, 2007

 Ralph Crane, Shoes For War Dogs For Military Affairs, 1950s

 John Heartfield, War and cadavers, the last hope of the rich, 1932

 Diamantis Sotriopoulos, Τhe strong did what they could and the weak suffered what they must , 2006

 Otto Dix, The Match Seller, 1920

 Rufino Tamayo, Animals, 1941

Julius LeBlanc Stewart, Les Dames Goldsmith au bois de Boulogne en 1897 sur une voiturette (1901) 

 Thurston Hopkins, La Dolce Vita, 1953

 Felice Casorati, Beethoven, 1928

 Antonio Donghi, Ammaestratrice di cani, 1946

 Jörg Immendorff, Untitled, 1996

Helen Keller Compares the Texture of Her Boxer to Braille 

 One Woman with one Wolf

 Eugene Grasset, Three Women with three Wolves, 1900

 Frederic Remington, Moonlight, Wolf, 1909

 Edvard Munch - Dog's head by a red tree, 1930s

 Dan Attoe, Self Portrait with Down Syndrome, 2006

 Pierre Klossowski, Diane et Acteon

 Lucian Freud, Girl with a White Dog, 1951

 José de Togores (1893-1970), Untitled, c. 1930

 Romaine Brooks, Una, Lady Troubridge, 1924

 Warren Criswell, Departure of the Muse, 2005

 Tirzah Garwood, Yawning, 1929

 Martin Munkacsi, Jumping fox terrier, ca. 1930

 Giacomo Balla, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, 1912

 William Wegman, Overs and Crossovers, 1987

 Karin Kneffel, ohne Titel, 2007

 Juan Soriano, Retrato de Diego de Mesa con perro, 1948

Gisèle Freund, Frida Kahlo et ses chiens, Mexico City, 1948 

 Gisèle Freund, Le lever d'Evita Peron, Buenos Aires, 1950

Herbert List, Master and Dog - Portofino - 1936 

George Spencer Watson (1869 - 1934), Four loves I found - a woman, a child, a horse, a hound 

 Carl Larsson, Young Girl Stretched Out On A Bench, 1913

Just Do It 

 Victor Pivovarov , A Cockroach for Dinner, 2009