Friday, July 15, 2011

Emotions of Dependency

Richard Kern

 Joel-Peter Witkin, Cuisine of a Failed Romance (2003)

Elene Usdin

Pierre Molinier  

Robert Mapplethorpe, Dominick and Elliot, 1979

Jacques-André Boiffard, Untitled, 1930

Pierre Molinier

Roger Ballen

Charles Ray, Man in Tree, 1978

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Nobuyoshi Araki

Richard Müller, Teasing, 1912

 Joel-Peter Witkin

Man Ray, Self-Portrait, 1930s

Man Ray, The Fantasies of Mr. Seabrook, ca. 1930

Atelier Manasse, 1933

Helmut Newton

Ellen von Unwerth

Guido Argentini

Gilles Berquet

Thomas Ruff

Martial Lorcet

Julien Pacaud

Olaf Martens

Elene Usdin

Elene Usdin

Svetlana Jovanovic

Sasha Alexander Schneider (1870-1927)

Karel Teige, Collage 45, 1945

Jindrich Styrsky, The Statue of Liberty, 1934

Richard Müller, On the swing, 1922

Max Ernst

WOLS, Pavilion de l'elegance (Madeleine Vionnet), 1937

Horst P. Horst, Electric Beauty, 1939

Marcel van der Vlugt 

Marcel van der Vlugt 

Romain Slocombe via Fantomatik

Marcel Van Der Vlugt 

Gottfried Helnwein

Ed Van Der Elsken

John Palatinus 

Ellen von Unwerth

Madame Yevonde, Lady Milbanke as Penthelisea, Queen of the Amazons, 1935

Jan Saudek

Nobuyoshi Araki

Pierre et Gilles

David LaChapelle, Quentin Tarantino

 Tomi Ungerer

Norbert Bisky, Freudenstadt-Aschersleben, 2006

Fergus Greer

Richard Burbridge

Raoul Ubac, Tête du Mannequin d'Andre Masson, 1938

Herbert List, Female Slave II - London - 1936

Daido Moriyama, Letter to Nakahira Takuma, Fin (Ueno), 1988

Eric Kroll

Mary Ellen Mark

Henry Fuseli, Brunhild Watching Gunther Suspended from The Ceiling on their Wedding Night, 1807

Franz von Bayros, c. 1905

Julius Klinger (1876-1942)

Harry Clarke, Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Poe, 1923


  1. Damn, the Jacques-André Boiffard image looks like it could have been part of the NIN "Closer" video.

  2. tohle já odmítám...

  3. The 4eme photo it made by Gilles Berquet.
    Great page!


  4. Le travail de l'artiste Norbert Bisky est dérangeant mais vraiment intéressant. Bavaro-dépressif ? ;)

  5. Errata; Image #4 is in fact by Gilles Berquet and not as posted by Pierre Molinier.

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