Monday, July 4, 2011

I don't see umbrellas in my dreams

Milosz Wozaczynski

Milosz Wozaczynski

Horst Wackerbarth

Yves Lecoq, A tribute to Darwin and Kubrick

George Platt Lynes, Elizabeth Gibbons with Umbrella and Mask, 1940

Dennis Mecham

Yoshiyuki Iwase via Fantomatik

Martin Munkácsi

Rodney Smith

David Blackwell

Girl with Umbrella

Nadav Kander

Andrew Baines

Melissa Kirsch's The Bumbershoot Manifesto says that, among many other things: "It is good manners to shelter unfortunate fellow pedestrian" and that "Taller people must raise their umbrellas over those of shorter people."

Bill Brandt

"Love me. Love my umbrella." — James Joyce (Giacomo Joyce)

Yale Joel

But, it must not be forgotten, it is also an umbrella.  - Jacques Derrida, Spurs


"Was I to go on leaning on my umbrella and get drenched or was I to stop and take shelter under my open umbrella? It was a false dilemma, as so many dilemmas are..." - Samuel Beckett, Molloy

Yves Lecoq

"I don't see umbrellas in my dreams. Or balloons." - Vladimir Nabokov

Robert Parkeharrison

"I have forgotten my umbrella." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Julien Pacaud

David LaChapelle



Erin Butler

R,C. Hörsch via Fantomatik

Jared French, State Park, 1946

Max Ernst, Woman with Umbrella, 1921

Salvador Dali, Sewing Machine with Umbrella

Ever since the famous phrase of Lautréamont: "Beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissection table of a sewing machine and an umbrella", their sexual symbolism as male and female was recognized by the surrealists.

Francis Bacon

David Hockney, Man Stood in Front of his House with Rain Descending, 1962

Grandville "Une promenade dans le ciel", Le Magasin pittoresque, 1847

French School, Held Aloft by Umbrellas and Butterflies, 18th Cent.

René Magritte

"I thought that Hegel would have been very sensitive to this object which has two opposing functions: at the same time not to admit any water (repelling it) and to admit it (containing it). He would have been delighted, I think, or amused (as on a vacation) and I call the painting Hegel's Holiday." (Rene Magritte, 1958)

Carl Spitzweg, The Poor Poet, 1839

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dieppe, France, 1926

City Elephant with Umbrella

Martin Munkácsi, The Happy Family – The Poor Relative, 1955

Berlin 1976

Leonard Misonne

Gisèle Freund, Les goudronneurs, Paris, 1931

Mi-Mi Moscow, Confucius, 2003

Good Bye


  1. How much play can give an umbrella. Good recopilation!

  2. what a cool collection of umbrella images! i really like the heading too.
    got really inspired and am sure there'll be some umbrellas, perhaps not in my dreams, who knows, but in my work. i found one i'd done and posted it on my blog. thanks for this!