Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Pleasures of the Mariners

Sea, The
by Lewis Carroll

There are certain things - a spider, a ghost,
The income-tax, gout, an umbrella for three -
That I hate, but the thing that I hate the most
Is a thing they call the SEA.

Otto Dix, The Pleasures of the Mariners, 1923 

André Dignimont, Bar, c. 1935

Alexei Pakhomov, Bathing Red Army Sailors Plummeting from a Ship, 1933

Eugene Jansson, In Navy Bathing Hut, 1907

 Albert Janesh, Water Sport, 1936

 Charles Demuth, Dancing sailors, 1918

 Josef Maria Auchentaller, Portrait of Peter, 1906

 Otto Griebel, Ship Boilerman, 1920

 Marcel Ronay, Sailor and Girl, 1929

 Hans Bellmer, Marseille, 1932

 Cagnaccio di San Pietro, L'alzana, 1935

 Paul Cadmus, Sailors and Floosies, 1938

 Hilary Harkness, Iowa Class, 2003

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