Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking At You

Claude Cahun, Object, 1936

 Marcel Jean (French, 1900-1993). Specter of the Gardenia, 1936

 Kiyoshi Suzuki, Soul and Soul, 1972

 Hubertus Gojowczyk, News from the years 1732 – 1733, 1999

 A. Paul Weber, The Informer, 1934

 Michael Kirkham, Spyhole, 2008

 Herbert Ploberger, Untitled, c. 1930

 Michaël Borremans, The Pupils, 2001

 William Hogarth, The Reward Of Cruelty, 1799

 André Kertész, Blind Sculptor Scapigni with an Unfinished Bust of Himself, 1931

  Antonio Zoran Music, Self-Portrait, 1997
He painted this self-portrait in 1997, when he was 82 years old and nearly blind.

 Conrad Felixmüller, Portrait of Raoul Hausmann, 1920s

 Albert Birkle,Telegraph Operator, 1920s

 Manfred Hirzel, Portrait of Georg Goedecker, 1929

 George Grosz, John Foerate, Man with Glass Eyes, 1926

 Atelier Manassé, Monocle Reflection, 1930s

 Atelier Manassé, Untitled, 1930s

 Léon Spilliaert, Self-portrait, c. 1910

 Emil Nolde, Self-Portrait, 1917

 Arnold Schönberg, Self-portrait, 1910

 Heinz Hajek-Halke, Self-Portrait, 1928

 Comtesse de Castiglione, Scherzo di Follia, 1863

 René Magritte, The Eye or the Object, 1932

 Toyen, Objekt-fantom, 1937

 Rangel Hidalgo, Cain, 1945

 Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Interior of the municipal theatre of Besançon (built by Ledoux in 1784), seen in the mirror of an eye, c. 1800

 J.J. Grandville, A Dream of Crime & Punishment, bef. 1847

 François-Nicolas Chifflart, The Conscience, 1867

 Sascha Schneider, Hypnosis Photogravure, 1904

 Alfred Kubin, Das Grausen (The Horror), 1901

 Peter Birkhäuser, Der Gespaltene (The Split One), 1953

 Egon Schiele, Self-portrait, 1910

 Victor Brauner, Self-portrait, 1931

 Angelika Hoerle, Man with Removed Eye, 1921

 Jindrich Styrsky, Untitled (From the series Stěhovaci Kabinet), 1934

Dorothea Tanning, Spannung / Tension, 1942

 Man Ray, Indestructible Object, 1930s

 Hannah Höch, Grotesque,1963

 René Magritte, The Poetic World, 1926

 Pavel Tchelitchew, View Cover, Dec.1943

 Jindrich Styrsky, Sexual Nocturne, 1931

 Fritz Kahn, The physiology of vision, 1931


  1. What a great collection. The one that sends chills down my spine is "Hubertus Gojowczyk, News from the years 1732 – 1733, 1999". I think it's because reading is such a private act, it's jarring to see someone staring back at you. Ironically I was just listening on the radio about how the new e-readers can track your location, what books you've purchased, and can even track what page you are on at any time. Looks like Hubertus had a premonition of things to come.

  2. Very interesting art it and give me a lot of inspiration !
    Artistic greatings from Menen (Belgium)
    Paul Gosselin - Fine Art painter