Monday, December 13, 2010


Zoltán Borbereki-Kovács, Reclining Model, 1931 

 Joseph Stella, Torso, 1929

 Albert von Keller, The Anonymous Medium «Lily of the Spirits», 1895

 Gustav Klimt, Girl With Blue Veil, 1902

 Teodor Axentowicz, Wiosna, 1900

 Edgar Maxence , La Femme à  l’orchidée, 1900

 Henry John Stock, Portrait of a girl surrounded by ivy leaves, 1903

 Theo van Rysselberghe, Woman in a Mirror, 1907

 Pierre Auguste Renoir; La Petite Irène, 1880

 Henri-Edmond Cross, The Hair, 1892

 Aladár Körösfői-Kriesch, Vanity, 1904

 Ferdinand Hodler, The Dream, 1897

 Alfons Mucha, Dance, 1898

 Delphin Enjolras, Dans le Boudoir, c. 1900

 Félix Vallotton, Nude, 1915

 René Magritte, Les Profondeurs du Plaisir (The Depths of Pleasure), 1948

 Leonor Fini, L’ Entre Deux, 1967

 Karl Hubbuch, In der Hängematte, 1928

 Jeanne Mammen, Before the Performance, 1928

 Charlotte Berend-Corinth, Nude, 1920s

 Otto Dix, Woman with Red Hair, 1931

 Otto Rudolf Schatz, Chansonnière, c. 1930

 Bartolomeo Veneziano (1502 – 1555), Lucrezia Borgia

 Augustus John, Marchesa Casati, 1919

Ubaldo Oppi, Donna alla finestra, 1921

 Nella Marchesini, Study of a girl (self portrait), 1925

 Willy Schlobach, Die Elemente in Bewegung, 1900

 Gustav Klimt, Goldfish, 1901

 Maurice Boutet de Monvel, Tableau d'une sirène, 1885

 Giovanni Segantini, La vanità, 1907

 Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes, Untitled, 1903

 Gustav Klimt, Pan tröstet Psyche, 1892

 Wladyslaw Slewinski, Woman Brushing Her Hair, 1897

 Edvard Munch, Vampires, 1893

 Franz von Stuck, Tilla Durieux als Circe, 1913

 Walter Spindler, Sarah Bernhardt in the role of Ghismonda, 1895

Janis Rozentāls, Princese ar pērtiķi, 1913


  1. Being a lover of redheads, I loved this post! Thanks!
    I just found your blog and have been really enjoying it.
    Thanks again....

  2. die Erste ist überwältigend 8-)
    Zoltán Borbereki-Kovács, Reclining Model, 1931

  3. I am married to a redheaded husband, have one red headed son and one gingy grandson. So perhaps I am biased, but where are the paintings of gorgeous males???

  4. most girlfriends and wife are redheads....