Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Male Perspectives

Frantisek Kupka, Antropoides, 1902

 Lovis Corinth, Cain, 1917

 Otto Greiner, Prometheus, 1909

 Thomas Eakins, The Wrestlers, 1899

 Marlene Dumas, Wet Dreams, 1987

 Eric Fischl, Bad Boy, 1981
His right hand is fingering in her purse ! 

 Ricardo MendTorr, The Blame and Shame Game, 2000s

 Cool, Calm & Collected
“Immense calm with your heart pounding.” — Noel Coward

Hernan Bas, The Burden (I Shall Leave No Memoirs), 2006. From the series Dandies, Pansies and Prudes.  

 “To appear well dressed, be skinny and tall.” — Mason Cooley

 "I say, old chap! Couldn't help but admire the length of your cane."

 Ena Swansea, Gay Wedding, 2004

 Christoph Schmidberger, I Am Open For Everything, Don't Get Me Wrong, 2005

 Christian Schad, Loving Boys, 1929

 Andy Warhol

 Alice Neel, Andy Warhol, 1970

Neo Rauch, Father, 2007

 A French Satire on Poking (ca. 1810)

"It were a real increase of human happiness, could all young men from the age of nineteen be covered under barrels, or rendered otherwise invisible; and there left to follow their lawful studies and callings, till they emerged, sadder and wiser, at the age of twenty-five." (Thomas Carlyle)


"Je préfère le désespoir à l'incertitude."

 Heart of Steel


 Alec Soth, Lenny, Minneapolis, 2002

 From my collection "Domestic Scenes"

 Michael Kirkham, Red Glove, 2008

Catherine Murphy, Harry's Nipple, 2003 

 Henry Fuseli, Brunhild Watching Gunther Suspended from The Ceiling on their Wedding Night, 1807

 Vincent Desiderio, Hanging Man, 2006

Eugene Jansson, ring gymnast no.2, 1912 

 Jens Ferdinand Willumsen (1863-1958), Untitled, c. 1910

 Nicholas Kalmakoff, Self Portrait as John the Baptist, 1921

Claude Cahun, Self-Portrait, 1927 

Conda De Satriano, Narcissus, 1893 

 Pavel Tchelitchew, Deposition (Feral Benga), 1938

 Paul Camenisch, Swiss Narciss, 1944

 Herbert List, Arab Boy with Desert Candles, 1935

 Gustave Caillebotte, Man at his Bath, 1884

 Amnon David Ar, Self-Portrait

 Eugene Jansson, In Navy Bathing Hut, 1907

 Thomas Eakins, Swimming, 1885

 Frédéric Bazille, Summer Scene, 1869

 François Barraud, Les Musiciens, 1921

 Suzanne Valadon, Le Lancement du Filet, 1914

 Picasso, Nus masculins, 1942

 Bernard Buffet, Homme nu dans chambre, 1948

 Ron Mueck, Big Man, 2000

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