Friday, March 25, 2011

Crucified Land

 Grant Wood, January, 1940

Robert P. Archer, Approaching Storm, 1938

 John Steuart Curry, Tornado over Cansas, 1930s

 John Steuart Curry, Baptism in Kansas, 1928

 Alec Soth, Joshua, Angola State Prison, LA, 2002

 Peter Blume, Light of the World, 1932

 Thomas Hart Benton, The Lord is My Shepherd, 1926

 Grant Wood, American Gothic, 1930

 Joe Jones, Drought Farmer, 1937

Sandor Klein, American Farm Hand, 1937

 Roy Benzona, Old Man Wyoming, 1970

 Charles Pollock, Look Down That Road, 1942

 Earle Richardson, Employment of Negroes in Agriculture, 1934

 Jacob Lawrence, The Negro was the largest source of labor to be found after all others had been exhausted, 1941

 John Gutmann, Mobile, Alabama, 1937

 John Rogers Cox, Cloud Trails, 1944

John Rogers Cox, White Cloud, 1943

 Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, 1948

Andrew Wyeth, Public Sale, 1943

 Wynn Chamberlain, The Barricade, 1958

 Robert Vickrey, Fear, 1954

 Maynard Dixon, Shapes of Fear, 1930

 Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald, Poplar Woods (Poplars), 1929

 John Steuart Curry, The Mississippi, 1935

 Margaret Bourke-White, Louisville, KY, USA, 1937
 Famous image of African American flood victims lined up to get food & clothing fr. Red Cross relief station. 

 David Graham,  West Quincy, Missouri, 1993

  John Gutmann, The Soap Box Brothers, Georgia, 1937

 Joe Jones, The Struggle of the South, c. 1935

 Joe Jones, American Justice, 1933

 Paul Cadmus, To the Lynching!, 1935

 Philip Guston, Drawing for Conspirators, 1930

 Alec Soth, Helena, AR, 2002

 Alec Soth, Johnny Cash's boyhood home, Dyess, AR, 2002

 Charles Burchfield, An April Mood, 1946

 David Graham,  Waveland, Mississippi, 2006

Charles Sheeler, Catastrophe No. 2, 1944

Charles Burchfield, Pyramid of Fire, 1929

 Joe Jones, American Farm, 1936

 Alexandre Hogue, Draught-Stricken Land, 1934 

Anom., Abandoned Farm, South Dakota, 1936

 Walker Evans, A Child's Grave, Hale County, Alabama, 1936

 Alexandre Hogue, Drouth Stricken Area, 1934

Alexandre Hogue, Dust Bowl, 1933

Alexandre Hogue, Crucified Land, 1939

Ross Dickinson, Valley Farms, 1934

 William Victor Higgins, The Widower, 1923

 Jerry Bywaters, On the Ranch, 1941

 John McCrady, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, 1937

 Dorothea Lange: Toward Los Angeles, California, 1937

 Jack Delano, Durham, North Carolina, May 1940

  Dorothea Lange, August 1936. Drought refugees from Abilene, Texas, following the crops of California as migratory workers.

 John Gutmann, Oakies on their Way West, Laramie, Wyoming, 1936

 Dorothea Lange Ditched, Stalled, and Stranded San Joaquin Valley, California, 1935

 David Graham,  Viejas, California, 2005

 John Rogers Cox, The Gray and Gold, 1942

 Millard Sheets, San Dimas Train Station, c. 1935

 John R. Grabach, The Lone House, 1929

 Philip Evergood, Spring, 1934

 Thomas Hart Benton, Kansas City, 1936

 William Arthur Cooper, Lumber Industry, 1934

Thomas Hart Benton, Boomtown, 1928

 Stevan Dohanos, Mining Village (Study for mural, Huntington, West Virginia forestry service building), 1937

 Charles Burchfield, Black Iron, 1935

 Lewis Hine, Newsies at Skeeters Branch, St. Louis, Missouri, c. 1910

 Frank C. Kirk, Homeward, 1933

 Tyrone Comfort, Gold is Where You Find It, 1934

 Edward Millman, Flop House, 1937

Ansel Adams, Church and Abandoned Automobile, Tiburon, California, 1957

 Larry Towell, The Pear, 1983

 Jenne Magafan, The Windmill, 1937

 George Ault, Daylight at Russell’s Corners, 1944

 Arthur E. Cederquist, Old Pennsylvania Farm in Winter, 1934

Andrew Wyeth, Christmas Morning, 1944


  1. Thank you a lot for every of yours posts.

  2. nice series of images. thanks.

  3. Incredible collection, thank you!

  4. Kathy Hodge's link sent me here. What a truly remarkable post! Viewed it while listening to "Belize" by Mark Biele. It's the perfect accompaniment and made for amazing multimedia. Try it; you'll like it.

  5. Kathy Hodge's link sent me here also. These are "my" artists -- I've been working through Benton's autobiography to try to understand how he processes his visuals. Curry, Wood, Burchfield, Dixon, as well as the photographers -- all are amazing.


  6. Incredible Post! I was wondering if you know what medium was used to create Roy Benzona's Old Man Wyoming? It almost looks photographic but I am sure it's paint. Thanks, Mark

  7. Never mind the music. The post need no accompaniment and stands on its own.

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  9. I love your choices - absolutely fantastic!