Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am too political

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Earliest Human Relatives, 2000s

Alexis Rockman, Rat Evolution, 1999

Mel Ramos, Elephant Seal, 1970

Hilary Harkness, Gallic Beauties of Yesteryear, 2001

Ruud van Empel, World 26, 2008

 Dana Schutz, Swimming, Smoking, Crying, 2009

 Alexis Rockman, Fishing, 2000

 Jonathan Wateridge, Group Series Number 1- Sandinistas, 2007

 David Salle, Angels in the Rain, 1998 

Ling Jian, Angel No.2, 2009

Qiu Jie, Portrait of Mao, 2007
Qiu's Portrait of Mao is a play on words: mao means cat in Chinese. 

Martin Kippenberger, Two Proletarian Women Inventors on their Way to the Inventor's Congress, 1984

 Wei Dong, Flag, 2006

 Rosa Loy, The Other Side, 2009

 Feng Zhengjie, Chinese Portrait P Series, 2006 

Wilhelm Sasnal, Girl Smoking (Anka), 2001

Philip Guston, Friend - to M. F., 1978

Bachmann & Banz, The Last Smoker, 2005

Alexis Rockman, Railyard, 2008

Jake & Dinos Chapman, Disasters of War No.72, 2000

Kai Althoff, Untitled, 2000 

Leon Golub, Interrogation I, 1981

Paula Rego, The Interrogator's Garden, 2000

 Shi Xinning, Yalta No.2, 2006

David Thorpe, Covenant of the Elect, 2002
Dexter Dalwood, Jackie Onassis, 2000 

 Matthias Weischer, Untitled (Interior), 2002 

Michael Raedecker, Room 5, 1997

 William Eggleston, Huntsville, Alabama, 1971

 Yin Zhaohui, Untitled, 2007

Elizabeth Peyton, Piotr, 1996

Mel Ramos, Plenti-Grand Odalisque, 1973

John Currin, Entertaining Mr. Acker Bilk, 1995

James Howard, Untitled, 2007

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