Monday, June 28, 2010

Marcel Ronay

 Marcel Ronay, Sailor and Girl, 1929
Marcel Ronay was born 1910 in Budapest to a Jewish Romanian father and Catholic mother. His family moved to Berlin and then Vienna. In 1928 Ronay joined the master carver's class under Eugene Steinhof at the Kuntsgewerbeschule in Vienna. In 1931 he was nominated for the  Austrian State Prize for Art but one of his works was judged too erotic and this cost him the award.
Marcel Ronay, Nuns, 1929

After exhibiting and travelling through Italy, Ronay arrived in England in 1936. In addition to his painting, Ronay began designing and making porcelain costume jewellery. He showed at the Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Oil Painters and, in 1952, at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture. Ronay moved to Essex but in 1986 had a solo show at Ben Uri Art Gallery, London and another in 1995 at John Denham Gallery, Hampstead. Ronay also featured in a 1995 travelling exhibition of inter-war German painters at Den Haag and Brussells and a 1998 exhibition of the Brabant Collection at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Gallery at Bodensee. 
 Marcel Ronay, New Ron, c. 1930

Ben Uri Gallery in London holds a number of Ronay paintings in its permanent collection. You can see more of Ronay's works here on his homepage.


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